3P-Medicine Laboratory specialists at the FNP Conference

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3P-Medicine Laboratory specialists at the FNP Conference


The new year has only just begun and there is still much to do. Therefore, we will devote the beginning of January to reminding you of the most interesting events of recent months. The leaders and coordinators of the research groups of 3P-Medicine Laboratory took part in the 4th Interdisciplinary FNP Conference, which took place on October 6-7, 2022 in Warsaw. The event was an opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences, as well as to meet leading specialists in their fields.

The main goal of the conference was to improve integration among the Foundation’s beneficiary community and discuss the most important scientific challenges facing the participants. The event was an excellent opportunity for everyone to meet and exchange experiences and make new and inspiring scientific contacts.

The conference was intended for project leaders, team leaders, and team members involved in the implementation of projects that have received funding from the Foundation under the Intelligent Development Operational Program. The conference featured a total of two thematic panels, three presentation sessions, and several open poster sessions. Funding opportunities under EU funds were also presented.

Detailed information on the conference can be found at https://conference2022.fnp.org.pl/.

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